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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your site secure?
A: Absolutely! We use Secure Sockey Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all transactions so that it is virtually impossible for someone to get at your credit card and personal information. Additionally, we do NOT store any of your credit card information on our servers or our credit card processor's servers.
Q: When will I get my order?
A: Orders are shipped the next business day via US Postal Service First Class Mail and usually take one to three days to be delivered.
Q: What are the shipping charges?
A: US Postal Service First Class Mail is $3.99 per order.
Q: Does Ridin' Shades offer free shipping?
A: Yes. We offer free shipping on all orders of $25 or more, and on all Guardian Bells, Sunglass Pinz, Zipper Pulls, Pin Savers, and Bell Hangers.
Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: Residents of Michigan will be charged 6% sales tax.
Q: Can I get a refund or exchange my purchase?
A: Yes, you may return an item within 21 days of purchase. Please see our Refunds and Exchanges page for details and instructions.
Q: Do you sell sunglasses with prescription lenses?
A: We're sorry, but at this time, we do not sell sunglasses with prescription lenses.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: No, at this time, we do not ship internationally.
Q: What is your warranty?
A: All of our products are fully warranted against manufacturing defects for 90 days. Normal wear and tear or scratched lenses are not covered.
Q: Do your sunglasses come with a case?
A: Yes. All sunglasses come with a nylon or microfiber pouch to clean and protect your new sunglasses.
Q: Who took that awesome picture used in the header of this site?
A: That would be my awesome brother-in-law Greg Bates.